The Darkness of Winter

by Peter J Stein

Released 2011
peter j stein
Released 2011
peter j stein
like the moon shifts the ocean's tides, the winter can shape a man's heart, a conspiracy between the low-hanging sun, and the stillness of the earth's dead branches
This song took 3 months to write, and 36 hours to arrange, record, edit, mix, master, and upload. The melody came first, and the final lyrics appeared in a radically different form from what was first envisioned, during the recording process. This is the artist's 23rd original song publication, his first new song this year (2011). This artist continues to record in isolation, in further search of his own language. He steadily continues to construct his unique brand of gritty pessimism, mixed with the hope that there may be reasons to believe that love lies beyond the outer boundaries of oblivion.


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