oh, loch ada

by peter j stein

Released 2011
Released 2011
This is a ballad about a beautiful valley.
As described in my previous song-writing experiences, this song, "oh, loch ada", began as a fragment of a melody, about one week ago, in early March, 2011. I had last written a song, 2 months prior, expressing feelings of isolation, during a relatively harsh winter in New York. The initial theme of the current lyrics was completely unknown to me, and the words first began to lead me to a patriotic, but somewhat cynical, song, about "America". The ideational theme continued to develop, as I softened up in an optimistic way, to describe America (i.e., the U.S)., as a country of great purpose and destiny, that needed to stay on course and continue to mature, as a very special country, that would ultimately guide the world to lasting peace, to preserve the environment, reduce poverty, raise the economic and educational status of everyone, keep population growth under control, end the nuclear threat, and end bigotry. I was enthused about the song thus far, with feelings of exuberance emerging, but not fully comfortable with my idealistic vision; suddenly, 2 days ago, about March 10, there was a shift in my thinking, and a sense of a song far more personal emerged; a song about my finding ultimate peace, in a place where my soul would finally stop wandering.


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