I Wish That You Never Had Gone

by Peter J Stein

Released 2010
peter j stein
Released 2010
peter j stein
Stein's harmonious and rhythmic ballads combine classical, folk, and rock guitar, with orchestration. His overall style continues to sharpen its focus on the human burdens of self-awareness, time, mortality, and love.
As part of a new Metro Noire genre, this tune belongs to Stein's 3rd album, UneASy PiEcEs. Punctuated by a classical guitar duet, and merging with a shimmering flute, this song is a quiet ballad related to memories and longings from over 50 years ago. These vivid, past emotional experiences, the feelings of which can be captured by musical expression, are eventually lost through aging and death. Despite one's wishes, there is the bitter truth that, along with ignorance, one must eventually let go of everything, and give oneself up to whatever one becomes, in the nameless cosmos. This song was performed using 2 acoustic classical guitar tracks, (acoustically mic'd with steinstudio's RODE NT 1-A), a guitar that I had hidden away, and just found in my basement, a 6 string nylon classical, that I bought in Brooklyn, about 40 years ago. The shimmerring, flute-like instrument was added last, and helped to give more density to the 3 part, back-up harmonies. The story, itself, reflects an experience when I was 6 years old, when a young girl, a neighbor from 2 houses down, who had moved away, had briefly returned to visit her old Brooklyn home; we played tag together in a friend's driveway; she seemed to like me, and touched my hand lightly...and then she was gone, again.


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